Why Kenya Airways Diverted Mogadishu Flights for an Entire Week

Why Kenya Airways Diverted Flights From Mogadishu for a Week

NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenya Airways (KQ) has shed light for the first time on its decision to reroute flights destined for Mogadishu, Somalia’s bustling capital. The diversions led to significant delays, sparking jitters across Kenya and the surrounding region.

A total of four flights encountered barriers, either being turned away from Aden Adde International Airport or cancelled outright from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), raising eyebrows and questions.

In an official communique, KQ attributed the disruptions to severe weather conditions in Mogadishu, rendering landings unfeasible. Fierce winds in Mogadishu’s eastern sector played the spoiler.

“Since May 24, 2024, we’ve faced rough weather over Somalia,” KQ said. “Our flights into Mogadishu have encountered stronger-than-normal tailwinds, preventing safe landings.”

For safety’s sake, our crew opted to veer back to Nairobi, adhering strictly to safety protocols while ensuring our passengers’ comfort and security.

KQ stated that the crew decided against using the alternative runway route passing over the city until Mogadishu airport authorities tackled the necessary safety and security issues, The Star reported.

Mogadishu’s airport authorities have since taken appropriate steps, and it’s now safe to land, KQ confirmed.

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to our valued clients by these unforeseen circumstances. We’re actively reaching out to those affected,” added KQ.

Kenya’s national airline maintains that passenger and crew safety is its top priority, pledging to protect all who fly with them.

“We’re vigilantly keeping an eye on Mogadishu’s weather to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort,” KQ announced. “If your flight is impacted or you need further help, please contact our Customer Excellence team.”

There were earlier concerns about the diplomatic ties between Kenya and Somalia, leading to flight stoppages. However, this tension melted away after President William Ruto’s dialogue with Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.


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