The BBI report to pacify the election processes given to President Kenyatta

The BBI report, the Bulding Bridges Initiative, was handed over to President Kenyatta and his main opponent Raila Odinga. This document is the result of months of work by a committee involving elected officials, experts and even religious. The project followed the last election crisis in 2017, the violence and reconciliation of Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga in March 2018.

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as reported from Nairobi,

In his crisp white shirt, President Kenyatta was in laughter for receiving the BBI report. The recommendations of the experts touch the hearts of the institutions and especially the executive. They propose the creation of a post of Prime Minister, appointed by the President, two Deputy Prime Ministers and an official leader of the opposition, who will be the second candidate in the election.

The conclusion of this report is historic, according to President Kenyatta: “We are in a special moment in our history where we can come together, examine all these issues that prevent us from moving forward and correcting them together. Do not miss this opportunity. It is not a document against an individual or a community. It is a report for posterity. ”

A more inclusive executive

Experts wrote that Kenya after each election fell into instability as the winner won everything, leaving millions of voters behind. They recommend a more inclusive leader to avoid generating bitterness. The document also proposes several reforms in the areas of justice, education and health.

The experts came to a conclusion after traveling through Kenya for several months and listening to communities. Raila Odinga, leader of the ODM party: “We have managed to understand the origins of the Kenyan problems. It is not an unnecessary exercise. For how do you handle these problems if we do not know what the problem is. We wanted the Kenyans to talk, and they talked. With this report, we want to create a better society for future generations. ”

The report will be discussed, possibly amended, adopted by the Electoral Commission, at the county assemblies and then in Parliament. Its final version should be adopted by referendum

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