The Authorities of Burundi is altering its technique

After Tanzania just a few days ago, it is Burundi’s turn to turn 180 ° compared to the vaccine against Covid-19.

The Committee to Combat the Proliferation of Covid-19 announced yesterday, Wednesday, that it had accepted an offer from the World Bank to supply these vaccines, the Minister of Public Health and Vice-Chair of this Committee, Dr Thadée Ndikumana, announced during a press briefing.

However, Gitega has stated that it refuses to sign a commitment to support the possible side effects of these vaccines, which is required by pharmaceutical companies.

“The Committee reviewed the correspondence and suggested that the Ministry of Health could make the unit available to receive these vaccines,” explains Dr Thadée Ndikumana, together with Esdras Ndikumana of the Africa service. As you know, there are Burundians or other foreigners who have already received the vaccine. When the vaccines are here, the Burundians who want to contact the health authorities for the vaccine can. “

But the government maintains its refusal to commit the possible side effects. “The government can not be jeopardized by the effects of this vaccine,” the minister insisted.

“But without the government’s commitment, because the forms sent to us asked the government to commit to being able to handle also to reimburse the side effects associated with this vaccine … This was not accepted by the government.”

In northeastern Burundi, two fairly rural municipalities, Kiremba and Kirundo, have met a sudden increase in covid-19 cases. In one week, the pollutants have multiplied by more than three, and almost 600 cases were discovered. The Minister was contacted by Esdras Ndikimana from the Africa Service.

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