the actions of FACA and Russian mercenaries

The UN Security Council will not have waited for the two-week quarterly meeting of the Central African Republic to respond to the escalation of violence. He has just strongly condemned the violations of human rights, the violations of international humanitarian law, and he condemned the violations of the SOFA agreement, which binds the government of the RCA and the UN Minusca. Before confirming their full support for Minusca.

as reported from New York, Carrie Nooten

It is the actions of FACA and Russian mercenaries that focus on the Security Council’s warning. These soldiers have recently increased their abuses against humanitarian personnel and those in Minusca with searches, threats or threats.

Until this disturbing episode on May 30, when the assistant to the head of Minusca went to the border of Chadia to assess a pharmacy situation – she was arrested, threatened with death, even aimed a gun at her. It will be escorted from the area, followed by Russian drones.

In the last four months, the Minusca Deployment Agreement, which has linked the Central African government and the UN since 2004, has been violated more than 60 times. By making this statement, it is the Central African government that the diplomats are warning.

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In addition, they did not name the Russian mercenaries so as not to insult Moscow, which would then have blocked the declaration, but this was the subject of a stormy passport between the United States and Russia during the reunification. And currently the UN is blocking the deployment of another 600 Russian instructors, suspected of being mercenaries.

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