Seven comedians were sentenced to prison

In the Comoros, seven people were sentenced by the Moroni court on Monday, June 21, to up to five years in prison after being arrested in connection with a demonstration against the Azali Assoumani regime on January 7, 2020. The sentences went well beyond what the prosecutor had requested. in his indictment and the minor crimes turned into attacks on public security. For the defendants’ lawyers and relatives, this is surprising.

as reported from Moroni, Anziza M’Changama

Among the seven defendants are members of the opposition union. But the most severely condemned is the opponent who breaks Comorian internet publishing records. For their lawyer, Me Fahardine Mohamed Abdoulwahid, the explanation is clear.

“There are gray areas that lead to understanding and believing that this is a political decision. And it is materialized by the speed of this statement, but also by the fact of imposing penalties and crimes that are not prescribed in the reference to the judge who made the decision today. This is not normal. “

Me Fahardine noted some inconsistencies to support his point: “We had two crimes. The first crime was an unauthorized demonstration. The second crime consisted of a disturbance of public order allegedly caused by the demonstration. So the first crime must be accepted for the second to matter. How can it be that the crime of unauthorized demonstration was not brought before her for Sabikiya, so how would she be guilty of disturbing public order or disturbing public order? “

The lawyer has already announced that he will appeal these decisions.

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