Revolutionary Delivery: Ethiopia Welcomes Inaugural Shipment from Lamu Port

Ethiopia has welcomed its first shipment from Lamu port in Kenya, showcasing a strong partnership and commitment to the LAPSSET initiative. The MV Abbey II vessel arrived with 60,000 tonnes of fertilizer, marking a milestone in the project initiated during Mwai Kibaki’s presidency. Kenya Ports Authority’s Managing Director, William Ruto, hailed this event as a significant step towards enhancing business ties between the two countries. With the largest consignment ever seen in Kenya’s history, Ruto emphasized the importance of strengthening Kenya and Ethiopia’s relationship. The vessel’s arrival in Lamu highlights Kenya’s efforts to establish the port as a key logistics hub in the region. Ethiopia’s Agriculture Minister, Girma Amante, praised Kenya for making Lamu port operational, enabling smooth import and export processes for their growing economy. This milestone is just the beginning of many successful ventures between the two nations through the port of Lamu.

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