On the front page: Morocco and Pegasus, get around, there is nothing

Morocco is involved in the investigation of Pegasus’ spy program. Yesterday Monday we were surprised by the absence of the subject in many Moroccan media, yes we can be calm! 360 has rectified the situation and has since started a real demolition company: “Espionage: Morocco again in the heart of a soap opera that is science fiction”, we read further website. It is certain that the 17 international media that publish the survey, such as Le Monde, The Guardian and The Washington Post, will probably appreciate it.

The consortium of 17 media ridiculed

360 quotes them elsewhere, but to ridicule them, to better despise the work done with the team from Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International: this Pegasus deal, “it’s going to be this summer’s soap opera. A period is usually quiet when it comes to hot news and that the newspapers encounter when they take newspaper topics out of the fridge. Appreciates Le 360. And for him, “the second half of July will therefore be animated by a series of articles combining sensationalism and mass espionage, with victims selected by journalists, decision – makers and politicians”.

Le 360 ​​then recalls that “Moroccans have already become acquainted with this software” during a first volley of the same consortium of 17 newspapers, in July 2020. At that time, Le 360 ​​pointed out that Amnesty International had confirmed that telephone journalist Omar Radi infected with Pegasus. Still, “soap opera last summer did not arouse enthusiasm among readers because it was not confirmed by any evidence,” claims Le 360. The website then tries to methodically dismantle the observations of this study, point by point. He speaks more broadly about “fabrics of nonsense”. He recalls that the Kingdom of Cherifian has requested proof. In 1932, the journalist Paul Nizan called them “watch dogs”, it seems to me.

Omar Radi condemned

And Omar Radi is obviously not one of them.

“Omar Radi was sentenced to six years in prison”, poster The TelQuel website. The journalist and human rights activist were found guilty of a double spy case, we learn. Sentenced together with his colleague and friend, Imad Stitou, who for his part receives a one-year prison sentence including six months’ suspension. Sentenced, TelQuel emphasizes, “ten days after another journalist, the former editor-in-chief of the Arabic-speaking daily Akhbar Al Yaoum, Soulaimane Raissouni”, was sentenced to five years in prison for “indecent assault with force and kidnapping”.

Yesterday, TelQuel had no time to deal with the Pegasus case. Today, the newspaper also publishes an interview with the Spanish journalist Ignacio Cembrero, former correspondent for the newspaper El País in Morocco, who would have been spied on as well. “I had seen a few days ago,” he testifies, excerpts from a conversation I only had on WhatsApp in a very secondary French newspaper in Morocco. So it was a kind of confirmation, he says. The desk for its part, whose director was focused on espionage, emphasizes that the list of persons concerned was clarified yesterday.

And in Rwanda, the other African country incriminated by this investigation? Still no trace of this investigation in the English-speaking media on the internet. The New Times in particular still does not mention it. Yes, move, there is nothing to see!

In the DRC, the last tributes to Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo …

The funeral of Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo, Archbishop Emeritus of Kinshasa, will take place this Tuesday, Le Nouvel Observateur reports. A Thanksgiving will be celebrated at the Palais du Peuples esplanade. Several personalities from the political, diplomatic and academic worlds and from different religious denominations will be present at this Eucharistic ceremony “, we read.

The Le Nouvel observer understands that there will be in particular “the Congolese President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, the Archbishops of Kigali, the Archbishop of Congo-Brazzaville or even the Archbishop of Luanda”. “After this ceremony,” Le Nouvel Observateur explains, “the mortal remains of Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo will then be buried in the place where Cardinals Joseph-Albert Malula and Frédéric Etsou are already buried, in a room well equipped for this purpose, within Notre Dame de Fatima. ”.

Radio Okapi points it out the cardinal will also be decoratedposthumously by the President of the Republic Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi. Actualité.cd, for its part, tells us that the President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso N’Kodia Pwanga, an inspection visit of the development work from the People’s Palace. He says he is happy and believes that everything “will be ready”. So much the better, Actualité.cd warns: these official tributes are “expected from the whole nation”.


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