Northeastern State President, Deni, Slams FMS Leaders’ Illegitimate Term Extensions in Somalia

President Deni of Northeastern State strongly criticized the extension of term limits for leaders in Federal Member States. He emphasized how this practice undermines the rule of law and erodes public trust in the political process, neglecting the importance of conducting timely elections.
In contrast, Deni praised the people of Northeastern State for their commitment to holding presidential elections every five years as scheduled. He highlighted the recent successful election on January 8, 2024, as a testament to the region’s democratic strength.
His comments on these issues come amidst growing concerns about the legitimacy of FMS leaders and the need for transparent and timely elections. Deni’s call for adherence to democratic principles sets an example for other leaders in the region to follow.
Earlier this year, Northeastern State severed ties with the Somali government over what they perceived as unilateral changes to the constitution. This move reflects a broader rift between the two entities, exacerbated by the central government’s actions regarding aid and development funds.
As a result, Northeastern State has opted to work directly with UN agencies and pursue an independent approach until a mutually agreeable federal system is established. This decision marks a significant shift in the relationship between the northeastern state and the central government in Mogadishu.
Ultimately, Deni’s address at the government retreat conference sheds light on the need for democratic governance and respect for the rule of law in Northeastern State and beyond. By advocating for transparent elections and upholding democratic ideals, he sets a powerful example for leaders in the region.

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