International NGOs are challenging the EU

Twelve international human rights NGOs, including HRW, FIDH and even EurAc, expressed in an “open letter” published on Monday 21 June, their fears of seeing the EU get ready to resume direct support to the Burundian government . The Union’s ambassador to Burundi announced on Monday 21 June in Bujumbura that this had just been recorded on the expert groups in the European organization.

Despite the positive gestures observed since a new head of state, General Évariste Ndayishimiye, joined the government a year ago, these organizations believe that it is still early days because of human rights violations. Man continues to get involved in the country.

Gisela Castro is the FIDH delegate to the European Union in Brussels. She explains warning to NGOs at the microphoneEsdras Ndikumana.

With the change of government last year, we have really had a certain openness. but no concrete achievement and no concrete progress on a number of issues that are very important to our organizations, such as the situation of human rights defenders and civil society in general, which are still largely forced to work since exile, the situation of political prisoners and the fight against impunity for the crimes committed in 2015. With the change of government, the European Union has resumed political dialogue with Burundi, which is good, but is preparing to lift all measures that had been taken, while no significant change has been observed. It seems that France is at the top of those that are pushing for a rapid resumption of cooperation, while others, such as Belgium or the Netherlands, expect a more concrete commitment from Burundi.

Twelve rights groups say to the European Union: Do not be so eager to strike a new blow in Burundi that you accept the new president’s promises of reform rather than reality. “One-time gestures” should not replace open political space and responsibility.

– Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth) June 21, 2021

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