in Uganda, hundreds of victims

According to Ugandan authorities, “unscrupulous” doctors and nurses have managed to withdraw millions of shillings from more than 800 people and 11 unsuspecting companies. They favored vaccine candidates who were willing to pay to get an injection when doses in Uganda were lacking.

These people were desperate to be vaccinated. A free vaccination campaign is underway in Uganda, but there are not enough doses. Between May and June, the country is in the middle of the second wave of pollution and these people decide to take the initiative and search for vaccines.

That’s when they cross paths with villains, unscrupulous doctors and nurses. They create a parallel exemption and carry identity badges with the logo of the city of Kampala, so as not to arouse suspicion. At the time of injection, the villains administer water, the recipients see nothing but fire.


The injection is still charging between 80,000 and 500,000 Ugandan shillings, or between 20 and 140 dollars. All the money disappeared with the villains, now on the go. The authorities asked the population not to worry and rule out the risk of side effects.

Observers on the ground still remember that there were people who received these fake vaccines and thought they were protected, but they eventually got the virus and some died from it. At this stage, it is difficult to quantify the human cost of this scam.


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