in Paris, an NGO condemns the mega-project TotalÉnergies in

One month earlier than the primary spherical of the French presidential election, a number of associations and NGOs have known as for demonstrations on Saturday, March 12, in France to defend the local weather. In Paris, in line with the organizers of the demonstration, there have been 80,000, largely adolescents, from all around the world.

Among the protesters was a Ugandan activist, a member of the NGO Fridays For Future Uganda, which is combating towards the building of an oil pipeline by the French multinational Total (now TotalÉnergies) in the center of Africa. The longest heated oil pipeline on this planet with a size of greater than 1400 km will join Uganda to Tanzania. It will transport oil that will likely be exploited in a controversial mega-project within the Lake Albert area of Uganda.

Total should “stop funding this project” Hilda Flavia Nakabuye says she desires to “inform the Parisians, the French about the danger that Total poses” to her nation Uganda. She additionally asks Total “to diversify in other ways and to stop funding this project.”

“I would like to ask the French people, the Ugandan activist continues, to vote intelligently in the next election and to tell the French Government to stop supporting Total’s activities that harm the people.”

“Our cultural traditions disappear” “I feel bad when I see where the works are and when I think about the future and what will happen when all the planned infrastructure is finished, too many lives have already been lost. So far, fourteen thousand homes have been ravaged, 178 villages in my country and 230 in Tanzania have been destroyed. Our cultural traditions are disappearing “, concludes Hilda Flavia Nakabuye.

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