In Ethiopia, the Tigrayan rebels are persecuting

More than eight months after the start of the conflict, the former regional power and its forces have conquered much of the province and have now entered the neighboring province of Amharara. The rebels claim several successes and promise to continue their breakthrough.

The rebels claim they are continuing their progress in the Amhara Territory. This weekend, they claimed to have captured a first city, Adi Arkay, without stopping there. Their spokesman now says that resorts more than 100 km south, such as Bere Mariyam, Chew Ber and finally Zarima have been taken.

“We will continue to move forward in all directions. We will go as far as necessary. We will continue to operate as long as there is resistance, says Getachew Reda. Information that is difficult to verify because communication is interrupted in the area.

In any case, the Amhara authorities condemn lies and talk about the rebel’s military defeat. However, their president called young amharor to arm and fight. Agegnehu Teshager called for a “mobilization of all those who have weapons to participate in a survival mission.” Several local sources saw young volunteers fighting voluntarily.

If the information from the rebel forces is true, it would show rapid progress towards the strategic city of Debark. This resort, commonly used by tourists who love hiking, is close to the Simien Mountains, which reach a peak of more than 4,500 meters.

A complex geography, although the Tigrayan rebels are accustomed to this type of terrain. This mountain range forms a kind of natural barrier before a decline in the south, and Gondar itself, a major city center in the Amhara region.

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