19 people tried in Mozambique tuna bond scandal

A trial has started for 19 suspects in Mozambique’s “hidden debt” or “tuna bonds” scandal. The corruption case allegedly involved a tuna company, maritime security companies and more than $ 2 billion in loans. On Monday, South Africa promised to extradite the man who was then Mozambique’s finance minister. Journalist Ntshepeng Motema explains how the scandal exacerbated the country’s economic turmoil.

We also bring you an update on the deployment of the Covid 19 vaccination in South Africa. The country is officially one of the most affected in the region. Jabs are now open to all adults to help contain the virus. However, misinformation continues to hamper vaccination efforts. And critics of Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed continue to urge him to obtain a roadmap to get out of the current political crisis. Last month, he controversially suspended parliament for 30 days. Now that those days are almost over, rights activists and opposition politicians are stepping up pressure on Saïed, lest he renew the suspension.


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