Will the Chadian withdrawal punish the G5’s military effort?

Would the withdrawal of half of the Chadian forces deployed as part of the G5 Sahel’s regional force punish military action on the ground? The French army is reassuring.

The announcement the withdrawal of 600 men out of the 1200 deployed as part of the regional force G5 Sahel comes at a time when jihadist attacks are increasing in the so-called “three borders” area and when the French army itself has announced that Operation Barkhane has ended and begun to reduce its troops.

For the spokesman for the French army staff, Colonel Pascal Ianni, this battalion was ill-suited to the characteristics of the field. This 1,200-man battalion, when deployed, consisted of heavy equipment, armored vehicles, and heavy artillery. It had a support component that was very important and that in the end was not really applicable under the tactical conditions that are in the three border zone. “

“When you deploy a mechanized armored unit,” Colonel Ianni continued, “you can not turn it into a combat unit on foot so easily.”

“Chad is still very much committed to the common strength of the G5 Sahel.” The reduction in Chadian troops comes shortly after the announcement of the end of Barkhane and the decline in French troops to be compensated, among other things, by local forces and in particular the G5. Can this withdrawal complicate the situation? “Not at all,” the spokesman replied.

“The first goal is to have a unit that is logistically sustainable. The second point is to have a unit that is articulated to be able to easily engage with armed terrorist groups. For us, this is not bad news, it is a sovereign decision taken by the Chadian government in cooperation with the G5 Sahel countries. Chad is still very much committed to the common strength of the G5 Sahel. ”

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