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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, relations between activists or leaders close to Moïse Katumbi and those of President Felix Tshisekedi have become complicated due to the proposed “consolation” law. They are further deteriorating following the arrest of the National Intelligence Agency last Sunday by Jacky Ndala, president of the youth union of the Ensemble pour la République, Moïse Katumbi’s party.

After a night in custody, Jacky Ndala was transferred last Monday night to the dungeon in the Kinshasa-Matete Public Prosecutor’s Office. Enough to irritate the Ensemble pour la République, which demands his immediate release and more respect for Moïse Katumbi in the ruling coalition, the Holy Union for the Nation.

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“This behavior is aimed at using the republic’s protection services for bullying, intimidation, political intolerance,” insisted Deputy Dieudonné Bolengetenge, party secretary general Moise Katumbi, at our Kinshasa microphone correspondent, Pascal Mulegwa. he is released immediately and unconditionally.

We became accustomed to hearing people shout from rooftops about the emergence of the rule of law, while entertaining actors who reclaim old recipes from the days of individual parties, where we were in absolutism, totalitarianism …

And the Ensemble recalls that it is a full member of the Holy Union, just like the other components. He therefore deserves his share of care and respect. It is not understandable that our leader Moïse Katumbi is being slandered and insulted by some members of this holy union, without anyone being upset about it. To despise one’s partners does not honor anyone.

At present, the Ensemble pour la République is taking the international community as a witness and urging it to observe the increase in abuses and high-risk initiatives that could throw the country back into the abyss. ”

A senior DRC official confirmed to AFP the detention of Jacky Ndala and accused him of, among other things, “encouraging violence and rebellion”.

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