the government adopts a lower budget for 2021

That’s $ 6.8 billion. We are far from the 11 billion that was planned for the year 2020. This budget is now being sent to the National Assembly for examination and adoption. We are back in numbers close to previous years.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Government sources explain this reduction with the slowdown in the economy caused by the crisis associated with coronavirus. The effects of this crisis, they say, will be felt more strongly next year. “Even improved governance and revenue mobilization do not allow for a more ambitious budget,” a minister said.

The second reason mentioned is the obligation to present a sincere budget to partners such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This year, IMF teams have been uncompromising with government experts.

In 2019, the government presented a budget that was more political than technical, despite constant warnings from its international partners.

This time, the IMF has made a realistic budget a condition for the DRC to have access to the long-awaited three-year support program.

In addition, the 2020 budget will be revised. It drops to 5.7 billion, a decrease of 43.2% over the original budget. An amendment has already been submitted to the National Assembly’s office.


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