the churches are entangled in proposing their names for

It is Tuesday, July 27, that religious communities meet to appoint their delegates to the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni). Under the new law, the president of Ceni can only be proposed by religious denominations. The latter have until Wednesday to send the minutes (PV) of the appointment to the National Assembly. The task will not be easy after the threats they say they are exposed to from politicians.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

The Technical Secretariat for the Religious Confessions Platform received the applications on Monday, July 26th. And religious leaders reaffirmed the need for a determined candidate, with a flawless ethic that governs election management and exceptional courage in proclaiming the true results of the ballot box.

Announcement from Father Donatien N’shole, Secretary General of the National Bishops’ Conference in Congo. Following this reminder, the first meeting of the eight members of the Technical Secretariat will be held on Tuesday morning to dissect all candidacies in the light of the Constitution, the Electoral Code and moral principles.

In the afternoon, it is the religious leaders who make up the plenary that must give one or more names to the ward commission that must decide on the chosen candidate.

The choice of religious denominations must be made either by consensus or by voting for each candidate, a difficult task for religious people who, according to them, continue to receive threats from politicians who want to introduce names of different denominations.

And they also condemn attempts at corruption.

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