Paul Biya’s stays in Europe have become increasingly common

Opponents of the Cameroonian president are demanding a demonstration this Saturday, July 17, in Geneva, where Paul Biya arrived for a private visit last weekend. Demonstration banned by the authorities, who fear collisions between supporters and opponents of the head of state, in power for almost 40 years.

as reported from Geneva, Jeremiah Lanche

Mr Biya is challenging us again. We have not seen it in three years since 2018. “The Kamoua” panther “, as he calls himself, came from Paris to express his opposition to Paul Biya. This activist is not at his first gathering.

The goal for him is that the Cameroonian president can no longer come to Europe without raising a wave of protests: “Every time he comes to Europe, he will find us. It is not Mr Biya “physically” that we come to hunt, it is the institution that we come to hunt. “

Eva Oloa also comes from France. She was also present during Paul Biya’s recent stay in Switzerland. Nor does she intend to remain silent in the face of the worrying situation in Cameroon: “If he has made this country so miserable, he must live like the people of Cameroon.” You can not come here in the cozy salons and live the good life with your family when many Cameroonians are in total misery, it is not possible. So if he does not know, if he does not know, then he will do it. “

In 2019, Paul Baya’s stay was interrupted after a quarrel between his security services and protesters. A journalist had been injured. Six bodyguards had been convicted of Swiss justice. A precedent that no doubt scolded the Swiss authorities, who therefore banned the gathering near the hotel where Paul Biya lives. But opponents assure them that they will be present, at all costs.

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