more than 220 Congolese have been rescued in Ukraine since the beginning of

The Congolese government announced on Friday that it had rescued at least 223 civilians living in Ukraine since the country was hit by the Russian invasion. But there is no news of twenty others blocked on Ukrainian territory due to the bombings.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

It was Jean-Claude Gakosso, Foreign Minister and Congolese reader abroad, who gave an update to the senators during a session on oral questions. According to the head of Congolese diplomacy, thanks to diplomatic and consular missions, 223 civilians were rescued and taken to safety.

These Congolese who have been evacuated from Ukraine are mostly students, of whom 171 are currently in France. At least 42 have taken refuge in host families in Poland, where ten other people are still in a shelter, but at the expense of the Congolese government.

On the other hand, Jean-Claude Gakosso announced that the authorities have no news of about twenty students who have still not been able to leave Ukraine due to the bombings. He assured that the government was working to get them out of this situation.

“In this regard, we received the Head of the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation (in Congo) in the audience on Foreign Affairs, but also all the Ambassadors from EU Member States that we have asked for support to help us get these students out. them on an exceptional basis to the territories of their countries, “said Mr Gakosso

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Congo has set up a crisis unit consisting of several government members, ambassadors and consuls to help its citizens living in Ukraine.