crucial meeting for the future of Guy-Brice’s UDH-Yuki

The Union of Humanist Democrats (UDH-Yuki) was undermined by internal disagreement, shortly after its leader Guy-Brice Parfait Koléla’s death, which occurred in March 2021. One current wanted a congress immediately to appoint a successor, while another opposed and wanted the congress to be held after the July 2022 general election. The two camps settled their differences during an extraordinary general meeting held this weekend in Brazzaville.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

The militants and sympathizers that UDH-Yuki wanted to see united, as well as before the death of its founding president, arrived at this assembly a little tense.

Eventually, the relief came from there, according to Diop Mahouckous, UDH-Yuki’s deputy communications director, who claims that the two opposing camps have diluted their wine. “All these contradictions were leveled out during this extraordinary general assembly that sealed the reconciliation between the two conflicting parties. Now the UDH-Yuki is in the starting blocks for the next legislative, local and senatorial elections,” he explains.

A congress planned after the local and legislative election Diop Mahouckous reassures everyone about the party’s future: “The idea of ​​an implosion or some disappearance of the party has never affected its leaders. The future is certain”.

According to another UDH-Yuki official, the Congress will make it possible to appoint the new governing bodies of the party to take place only after legislative and local elections this summer.

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