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Somali interstate soccer match 2020:

Somali interstate football tournament 2020: Experiences from player Mohamed Mahmoud This is Mohamed Mahmoud. Born and raised in the Barri region of the Northeastern State state of Somalia, he saw an opportunity in Galmudug, followed his football dream and made history as a Puntlander family, as a Galmudug player regionally and as a dream-following young Somali man. This triple identity of Mohamed is a…

a video game tournament on cinema screens

Madagascar owns a video game tournament on the big screen for two days. From this Saturday 21 November until Sunday evening (17:00), this weekend's video games will be held in the capital Antananarivo, on giant screens in one of the only cinemas in the country. A first. It is a concept that attracts many confirmed players but also amateurs. On the Big Island, access to a personal game console is still rare for most households, associations and communities of players and e-sports are in full development. Pictures of…

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