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Libya rejects equal inclusion of Haftar forces within the political course of as a result of disagreements are hurting progress

The Libyan authorities rejects any try to put the Tripoli invaders and defenders on equal phrases, Libyan Protection Minister Salahaddin Namroush mentioned on Wednesday as variations and disagreements plague the UN-led political course of aimed toward ending the chaos within the oil-rich North African nation. "We assist each dialogue aimed toward lasting peace in Libya and for its folks to get pleasure from safety and security, however on the identical time we reject any try and make the aggressors and…

Seven years later an update on the study’s progress and blockages

On November 2, 2013, our colleagues Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon were kidnapped and then killed in Kidal in northern Mali while reporting. Seven years later, one of the sponsors and two of the alleged kidnappers are still driving. In 2019, RFI revealed that French special forces had tried to pursue the kidnappers. Information confirmed for the first time this year by a French officer.…

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