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80 Million Users Impacted by Undersea Cable Faults, Leading to Internet Disruptions in East Africa

In the East African region, over 80 million internet users are currently grappling with slow speeds and outages due to faults in critical undersea fiber-optic cables this Sunday. The Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) and Seacom, essential for connectivity in the area, experienced simultaneous issues affecting regions from Kenya to South Africa. Ben Roberts, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Liquid Intelligent Technologies, revealed that the EASSy cable was compromised 45 kilometers north of Durban,…

power outage in Libreville for five days

In Gabon, Libreville is facing a power outage. Originally, there is maintenance of a Port -Gentil - Libreville gas pipeline that supplies one of the most important power stations in Gabon's capital. The work will last for five days. The Gabonese energy and water company (SEEG) has launched emergency generators, but electricity production is still insufficient, hence a load unloading plan that irritates…

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