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Madagascar: Logistics Causes a Disruption in the Party

In Madagascar, the need for cocoa is so high that farmers in the north-west have seen their pay increase fourfold. Cocoa is now more profitable than vanilla this year. However, Malagasy exporters are concerned: the beans cannot leave the country as the recent storm has blocked access to the port.

Madagascar: a movie telling the massacres of 1976

Madagascar has tried to bury its dark past, but cinema resurrects it in Zanatany. Director Hachimiya Ahamada revisits the massacre of Comorians in December 1976 in Majunga. The short film, shot entirely on the island, has been screening at international festivals since the beginning of the year. It was shown to a Malagasy audience for the first time at the Alliance Française in Majunga.

import dependence for merchandise of 1st class

In Madagascar, rising meals costs are changing into more and more burdensome for households. The giant island is extremely depending on imports to satisfy the wants of the inhabitants and has already been hit by inflation linked to the coronavirus pandemic. In…

monetary scandal inside the Caisse Nationale de

In Madagascar, a number of leaders of the National Social Insurance Fund (CNAPS) are suspected of embezzlement. In a press launch printed on its web site, the Independent Anti-Corruption Office (Bianco) signifies that it has found a case of grand corruption…

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