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Why Somalia Should Consider Bitcoin as a Hedge: Building Economic Resilience

In the face of recent economic turmoil and uncertainties, Somalia has a compelling opportunity to explore the potential benefits of integrating Bitcoin into its national financial strategy. This innovative digital currency could not only serve as a safeguard during turbulent economic times but also act as a catalyst for strengthening Somalia's resilience against future shocks. Somalia, along with many other developing nations, faces a multitude of challenges that can significantly disrupt its economic stability. These…

Pedro Pires: Armed Struggle in Guinea was “One of the Factors”

It happened fifty years ago, on April 25, 1974. Young captains rose up in Portugal, overthrew the dictatorship, and paved the way for the independence of the last African colonies. Consequently, today, several African heads of state are in Lisbon to celebrate this anniversary with the Portuguese. Their presence is even more justified because it was the African independence fighters of the time who brought down Lisbon's dictatorial and colonial regime. Pedro Pires served as a military commander for Amilcar Cabral's PAIGC…

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