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the cattle still sent to the Grand Magal in spite of the difficulties

For the largest pilgrimage of the Mouride fraternity, which takes place this Tuesday, October 6, there is no party without the distribution of beef dishes. Every year, tens of thousands of cattle come from Senegal and neighboring countries. This year, organizers and believers had to deal with the closure of the borders linked to Covid-19 and the coup on 18 August in Mali. as reported from Dakar Touba has its Magal, its great mosque, its innumerable followers and its Bérndé. This Wolof word denotes the festivities, the…

Why is African cattle so resilient?

They are important for the economic and social life of many populations on the continent: oxen show remarkable adaptation to climatic and health constraints in Africa. An international group of researchers wanted to understand where their resilience comes from. They therefore studied the genetic code of 172 cattle from 16 representative breeds such as the widespread sanga, zanga and zebu. The research results were published on Monday, September 28 in Nature Genetics. In Africa, cattle are mainly the result of a cross…

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