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After the break with Somalia, the rapprochement with Somaliland grew to become increasingly burning

The kitchen is burning between Kenya and Somalia. Mogadishu severed diplomatic ties with its southern neighbor on Tuesday, December 14. Kenyan diplomats have seven days to go away Somali territory. Within the course of, Nairobi introduced that the consulate will open subsequent March in Somaliland, this self-proclaimed impartial area that Somalia considers a part of its territory. Within the context…

The burning questions that await Joe Biden in Africa

In particular, the newly elected President of the United States will need to address the explosive situation in Ethiopia, the continued support for the democratic transition in Sudan and the handling of the Shebab threat in Somalia. In East Africa, the first hot file to reach Joe Biden's office is Ethiopia, reminds our correspondent in Nairobi Sébastien Nemeth.…

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