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Ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Amhara kills up to

The latest ethnic violence in Ethiopia's Amhara region has left many dead and displaced hundreds of thousands, a federal official said on Friday. The attack with gunfire and widespread arson has increased fears of insecurity in Africa's second most populous country ahead of the national elections scheduled for June. The Amhara region is dominated by the ethnic Amhara group, Ethiopia's second largest. The violence started last week in the special zones North Shoa and Oromo, of which the latter is populated mainly by…

tensions between Amhara and Oromo made 300

Two months before the legislative and municipal elections in Ethiopia, tensions are not diminishing. In March, clashes between Amhara and Oromo, the country's two main ethnic groups, left more than 300 dead, according to figures from a federal official. The violence affected two areas from the Amhara region North Shewa and the north of the country. It is the attack on an imam in front of a mosque in Oromo's special zone that would have triggered these gatherings between communities, according to a local official, Endale…

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