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Uganda Expresses Gratitude to TIKA for Advancing National Development

Sure, here's a rewritten version with those criteria in mind: <h1>Uganda Expresses Gratitude to TIKA for Aid in National Progress</h1> In a heartfelt acknowledgment, Uganda has expressed sincere appreciation to the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) for its unwavering support in fostering the country’s growth and development. This gratitude resonates deeply, reflecting the positive impact of TIKA’s initiatives across various sectors. TIKA's contributions have spanned critical areas such as…

Ivory Coast is advancing its peasants for reform

The Ivorian National Assembly this week adopted the cooperation agreement with France for the implementation of eco, the future West African currency. But the provisions of this currency that will replace the CFA franc continue to be discussed. In particular, on its firm parity with the euro guaranteed by France. as reported…

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