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Somaliland vehemently opposes Turkish naval activities during negotiations over Ethiopian maritime agreement

During an interview with BBC Somali, Somaliland's Foreign Minister, Dr. Essa Kayd Mohamud, discussed the autonomous control of Somaliland's waters, making a clear distinction from Somalia's authority. Mohamud informed Turkey that access to Somaliland's shores is restricted, asserting the independent management of its maritime borders. Emphasizing Somaliland's stance, Mohamud expressed positivity regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ethiopia, dispelling concerns about its impact. He anticipates a smooth…

Police in Jubbaland apprehend four individuals believed to be involved in piracy activities in Lower Jubba district

Kismayo (AX) - Police in Jubbaland State apprehended four individuals believed to be pirates, who were allegedly plotting to target ships in Somali waters following a security operation near Kismayo town. The operation occurred around 70 km south of Kismayo, the temporary capital of Jubbaland State, with two suspects managing to flee. Major Sadiq Mohamud, the commander of the police department in Lower Jubba, disclosed that they have identified individuals involved in funding piracy activities within Jubbaland. He mentioned…

South Kivu authorities suspend nine activities

In the eastern part of the country, nine mining companies, six of them Chinese, have been temporarily shut down by the provincial authorities. Gold mining. Especially in Mwengaquis' territory was the stage for tensions between local communities and foreign operators who were active in the exploitation of gold. as reported from…

DRC: resumption of cultural activities in Lubumbashi after six months of closure

In Lubumbashi, cultural activities resumed for the public in early October following a six-month suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For some cultural centers, the period of health emergency was an opportunity to reconsider the organization of activities. The artists themselves waited impatiently to return to more or less normal, although respect for barrier movements remains mandatory during the performances. .

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