six months’ imprisonment for number two in Joseph’s party

Ferdinand Kambere, who has already spent more than two months in Makala Central Prison in Kinshasa, was charged with attempted murder of a PPRD comrade. The prosecutor had requested the death penalty, but the court chose a lighter sentence, which the previous ruling party nevertheless disapproves of.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

Ferdinand Kambere will still have to spend three months and a few days in jail. PPRD’s Deputy Permanent Secretary sentenced to pay $ 10,000 in damages and $ 2,500 in fines.

Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, Permanent Secretary of the PPRD, talks about a political trial: “This legal decision for us is unacceptable, I have said it and I repeat it, it is a political trial against the opposition, a political trial against the PPRD, because everyone knows “Kambere is innocent. The goal of other regimes is to scare us, to silence us.”

For him, Ferdinand Kambere must be acquitted: “I have always said that justice at the moment is being manipulated, it is being instrumentalised and we are asking the people to take responsibility, not to let it go. We will act and in the case of Kambere Kambere is the first thing we will do that we will ask Kambere’s lawyers to appeal.

Facts took place at the end of last year at a restaurant in La Gombe, in Kinshasa. One argument was opposed by Ferdinand Kambere to his friend Ardant Kabambi, who was seriously injured in the head with a broken bottle.

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