doctors in the public sector choose

As of Tuesday, July 20, 2021, doctors in the public sector will stop taking care of emergencies in public health institutions. The doctors’ unions have therefore decided to raise the gear after seeing what they call the failure of the negotiations with the government.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

Gathered at public meetings Sunday and Monday, the three unions for doctors in the public sector rejected the government’s latest proposal at last Saturday’s meeting.

“The doctors have decided by an overwhelming majority to intensify the strike from this Tuesday, July 20, 2021, until the short-term satisfaction of the priority demands of the unions,” explains Dr. Congolese doctors.

Practical arrangements have been put in place for this strike period, Dr Mwanda added: “The hardening of the strike will consist in abandoning all emergency management. In practice, patients who are already hospitalized will gradually be referred to other medical education as they wish. New emergencies will no longer be included. ”

The unions demanded the normalization of the administrative situation for more than 5,000 unpaid doctors and an increase in salaries. But the government proposes an answer at two levels: first solution of short-term administrative problems, then the financial component that can intervene within the framework of the financial year 2022. What doctors in the public sector reject.


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