a TV series that seems inspired by

The series provokes the case of Adji Sarr, the young woman who filed a complaint of rape and death threats against political opponent Ousmane Sonko, which caused a wave of violent and murderous protests across the country in February-March. The CNRA, the audiovisual regulator, called on Sunday, April 18, the producers of the series “for an explanatory session”.

The producers of the TV series Baline Coumba – who seem to be inspired by the Adji Sarr affair – are called on Sunday afternoon by the National Audiovisual Regulatory Council – CNRA. The regulator indicates that the trailer had aroused “indignation and incomprehensibility among the public”.

This series, which is broadcast on social networks and on a private TV channel “arrived in a context of a pending case” in court, is reminiscent of the CNRA, which refers to the rape case between politician Ousmane Sonko and Adji Sarr , a young employee of a beauty salon.

The Dafa Doy collective had earlier this week called on the CNRA to condemn the stigmatization of the alleged victim and is still hoping for a total halt to the broadcast of the series, three episodes of which are already online.

The young woman’s lawyer filed a complaint for “slander” and “dissemination of images contrary to good morals.”

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