The best leaks from Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez’s reputation is not exactly high right now after the entire Super League debate, but the fun has not stopped for the Real Madrid president.

Perez has recently been caught up in a new scandal from El Confidencial involving a ton of leaked audio files from 2006 to 2012, in which the real boss has been caught ripping the life out of literally anyone not named Zinedine Zidane.

There have been some completely mental leaks so far, and here are some of the best.

Ronaldo and Mourinho were in the firing line / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU / Getty Images

“This guy [Ronaldo] is an idiot, a sick man. Do you think this guy is normal? He’s not normal, otherwise he would not do all the things he does. The last foolish thing he did, everyone around the world saw it.

“He [Ronaldo] and the coach [Mourinho] do not see reality because the two could make a lot more money if they were different. They are both abnormal because we are talking about a lot of money for image rights.

“Mourinho is an idiot. It’s not like he does not want to play. Well, he’s a little abnormal … like I said, he’s been overwhelmed by the pressure.”

There were some slogans for Raul & Casillas / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images

“[Casillas] is not a Real Madrid goalkeeper, what can I say? He has never been. He has been our biggest mistake. The problem is that everyone loves him, I do not know why. He has so many people on his side. But anyway, he’s one of the biggest scams.

“But anyway, he’s one of the biggest scams, the other is Raul. The two big Real Madrid scams are Raul first and Casilla’s second.

“Zidane is a fantastic guy. And [David] Beckham and Ronaldo, but then there are others who think that … let’s see. Raul is a bad person. He believes that Madrid is his and he uses everything in Madrid and develops everything to his own advantage. He and his agent. They are to blame for Madrid not doing well.

“Look, I went because of him, among other things. He’s a negative guy, he’s destroying Madrid. ”

Perez had no faith in Del Bosque / Clive Mason / Getty Images

“He does not know how to train, nor does he know about tactics. He is a fool. No one offers Vicente del Bosque work because they all know he is not a coach. The Del Bosque stuff is the biggest lie I have seen in my life.

Ask Besiktas president [Yildirim Demiroren] what he felt. [Del Bosque] is not a coach, [Jose Antonio] Camacho is.

“[Luis] Figo arrived and stayed close to Raul and between them and [Fernando] Hierro they drove the troupe. Poor Vicente, he did not belong there. They say he will take over the national team, that’s exactly what they need. Del Bosque, do you know? “

Del Bosque took Spain’s job in 2008 and won the World Cup and the Euro for the next four years.

Figo was not safe / Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Figo is the one who f ***s up in the dressing room. He’s a son of ab *** h, like Raul. The two worst are Figo and Raul.

“[Guti]sab ***** d. His worst enemy is himself. He is used by [Cadena] Looks like they want to hire an idiot, and he’s an idiot. And Cope leaves him hanging, he does not walk. ”

Perez never wanted to sell Mata / Pool / Getty Images

“I think Michel is the one who made the hole for Mata [to leave], he is the one who threw him out of Real Madrid Castilla to put his son on the team. He’s a scam. “

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