Serie A’s green kit ban and why Sassuolo will not be affected


Earlier this week, Serie A attracted ire from secondary color fans everywhere when they announced that green kits would be banned.

Believed to be a direct request from their broadcasters, who were worried that the players would not be visible against the grass background, the decision was widely ridiculed on social media.

Sassuolo was an entertainer in Serie A last season / Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images

Of course, everyone’s first thought is of Sassuolo. As their nickname suggests, Neroverdi plays in black and, disturbingly, green. Sassuolo already have plenty to deal with this summer, with most of their top stars, including Manuel Locatelli and Domenico Berardi, attracting interest from a host of top clubs. The last thing they needed was to reshape their kit.

Fortunately, according to a report from Football Italia, Neroverdi should be safe. Serie A only intends to ban kits that are “mostly green” and the dominant color – yes, shade – on Sassuolo’s strip is black. Thank goodness for that, ay?

Unfortunately, not all sides could be as happy as Sassuolo.

If the regulation was introduced at the beginning of last season, Lazio’s away strip – a catchy light green number with blue shorts and green socks – would probably have been sentenced to scrapeap.

Crotone would also have had problems. Their third kit contained a forest green color scheme, not perfect for being displayed clearly on a TV screen. Naples green camouflage third strip would also not have been allowed.

Arrested and thrown in jail just for wearing a green kit / Marco Rosi – SS Lazio / Getty Images

Atalanta may even have been punished for trying to spread some festive cheers. Back in 2019, La Dia released a special charity equipment around Christmas time. Green color, it also included the outline of a festive scene. Any hopes that supporters had of having a Christmas 2021 edition under the tree have been shattered by the ban.

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