Premier League statement on COVID-19 red list countries

Premier League clubs have “reluctantly” agreed not to release players for international service next month for matches played in countries on Britain’s coronavirus’ “red list”.

There have been concerns about mandatory quarantines for players traveling to and from Red List countries during the international break, which could threaten health and safety and have a serious knock-on effect for clubs in terms of training and resumption of domestic games.

The only way around the travel restrictions to and from countries that are currently considered generally unsafe due to the current COVID-19 situation would have been isolation exemptions.

But a meeting between the Premier League clubs has instead resulted in a ‘unanimous’ agreement not to release players who would be affected by travel with a red list.

A statement from the Premier League explains: “The clubs’ decision, which is strongly supported by the Premier League, will apply to almost 60 players from 19 Premier League clubs who will travel to 26 Red List countries in the international window in September.

“This follows FIFA’s current position not to extend the temporary release exemption for players in need of quarantine when returning from international service.

“Extensive discussions have taken place with both the FA and the government to find a solution, but due to ongoing public health problems with incoming travelers from countries with red lists, no exemption has been granted.”

Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Paraguay, South Africa, Turkey and Uruguay are currently on the red list, which would affect players including Mohamed Salah, Richarlison, Fabinho, Miguel Almiron, Mohamed Salah, Cristian Romero, Edinson Cavani and more.

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