Players facing court over rejection of pay cuts

Just when you thought Barcelona could not get more tired, we have now received the news that they are ready to take their players to court if they do not agree to lower their salaries.

Barcelona have asked all their big earners to agree to pay cuts in an attempt to stabilize their finances and let them write about Lionel Messi who along with summer signings Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia can not be registered until the club falls. under the salary cap.

Messi’s contract can not be renewed until the salary budget has been reduced / David Ramos / Getty Images

Messi has already agreed on a sharp pay cut and there are hopes that Gerard Pique, Sergi Roberto and Sergio Busquets will hit business in the near future, but Mundo Deportivo says that Barcelona will be seriously worried that other high-income earners may not agree.

Among the biggest names hesitant to accept Barcelona’s proposal are Samuel Umtiti and Miralem Pjanic, who have both been offered the chance to terminate their contracts, but the biggest surprise for the club has been the lack of interest from left-back Jordi Alba.

Barcelona have warned those rejecting plans that they have until August 15 to agree to lower their salaries, after which the club will consider drastic measures and are even prepared to take these players to court.

To court.

They will sue their own players to try to abide by the terms of their legally binding contract.

Barcelona are already on their way to court after Matheus Fernandes sued the club for unfair termination of his contract, and there may even be more work for lawyers to do.

There are obvious hopes that such drastic measures will not be necessary, but Barcelona are just so desperate. They have no choice but to lower their salary budget, and if the players do not help, something must be done about it.

Meanwhile, Chief Ronald Koeman is pushing for the rebels to accept the proposals and insists that everyone at Camp Nou must understand the reality and seriousness of the situation.

Alba is reluctant to accept / Soccrates Images / Getty Images

“Everyone has to appreciate the moment we are in and we have to accept it,” he said. “The people in charge are Barca people from many years, and I think from the players’ point of view, we must make an effort to move forward and improve the team.

“Like last year, the players helped the club, and if they need a little more help, you have to give it a try, like me as a coach. It’s about trying to give as much as you can.”

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