Josef Martinez for “giving joy back” after Gabriel Heinze’s saga

Josef Martinez finally addressed the media after head coach Gabriel Heinze left Atlanta United due to allegations of mismanagement.

Before his departure, Heinze caused chaos when he forced Martinez to train from the team in an isolated way for unknown reasons. Additional reports have surfaced revealing that Heinze created a toxic atmosphere by restricting a player’s water intake during training and violating several CBA rules.

After the Major League Soccer club announced the firing of the Argentine coach, Martinez turned to the media to express his thoughts.

“There are decisions you have to respect,” Martinez said. “As the leader and face of this club, I have to be professional and support my teammates on and off the pitch. But what is important to me is the health and joy in the locker room. Just to bring joy back to the city, the fan base and ourselves. We have to get back to that way. ”

In a sudden change of tone, Martinez expressed the reason for his sentimental view of the situation and the club.

“I’ve been here from the beginning when there was not even a field,” Martinez told the media. “I’ve seen what we’ve built here, that’s why things have hurt me. “The first time I came here I said this is my club, this is my city and I love being here. I want to retire here. I love this club.”

Martinez first joined Atlanta United 2017 on loan with a call option for the expansion team. After his debut on March 5, he became a sudden sensation and forced the club to activate the buyout clause for an unwanted transfer fee.

In four years, Martinez has become a favorite and constellation of Atlanta United.

“I’m getting emotional,” Martinez said of the fan support. “Since I’ve been here, people have treated me like another son. When I’m out in the field, I try to give everything to repay the love I get from the fans. As long as I have an Atlanta United shirt, I’ll give my life for this team. ”

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