Eder Militao transfers to Real Madrid under investigation

Eder Militao’s transfer from Porto to Real Madrid as early as 2019 is currently being investigated by Portuguese authorities, over an amount of 9 million euros (7.7 million pounds) paid to two separate agents after the deal was completed.

The 23-year-old arrived in Porto in 2018 and spent only one season in Portugal before landing a transfer of 50 million euros to Madrid in 2019. However, the deal is now being analyzed in more detail after financial reports showed certain irregularities in figures.

The Portuguese point of sale Publico reports that local authorities are investigating the transfer as part of their “Red Card operation”, after seeing that a third party received a share of 50 million euros in the deal.

It has been noted that in Porto’s annual report, they only registered that they received EUR 28.4 million from their sales. The financial statements show that the remaining EUR 21.6 million was distributed between three different parties, two of whom were Agent Bruno Macedo and his partner Giuliano Bertolucci.

Militao’s switch is under investigation / Denis Doyle / Getty Images

A sum of 3.5 million euros was paid to Macedo’s company, BM Consulting, while Bertolucci is also believed to have received an amount for the deal, although the report does not express the exact figure.

Macedo is a big name in Portugal, as he is the son of Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira, who has been placed under house arrest for allegedly organizing a tax fraud and money laundering system since 2014.

These crimes may also be related to his driving of Benfica and the arrival of some players to the club in recent years.

There are also questions about who owns the rights to Militao, with the former club Sao Paulo’s accounts showing two sales of the player, once to Porto for 7 million euros, and a second time to Score Capital AG, a German debt financing company, for almost 18 years. million.

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