President Tshisekedi outlines

In a recorded speech, President Félix Tshisekedi called on the people, the political class and even the media to support the security force. He decided to give them power and suspend the authorities and civil law. All official to put an end to the massacre that is raging in these two conflicting provinces.

With our special correspondent in Kinshasa, Sonia Rolley

President Tshisekedi signed two regulations detailing the conditions for carrying out this siege permit. Governors and provincial assemblies will continue to receive all their benefits, but as of May 6, they will lose power to a military governor and a deputy governor from the police force.

We do not yet know the names of the various appointed officers, but they will have significant powers. From day and night searches, arrests to bans on publications or even movement of people.

Civil law is also suspended. It is military justice that will be called upon to judge all crimes in these two provinces. The immunity granted to officials will be suspended during this period, we were also told through these orders.

These measures are temporary. The siege should be one month and renewed every two weeks. In his statement, President Tshisekedi said he was committed to finding “a definitive solution to the unacceptable situation” in the East. “No Congolese should remain indifferent,” the head of state explained. He also assured that he had instructed the government so that the security forces benefited from all the logistical support required for the operations.


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