opening of the trial of Kalev Mutondo, former head of

Kalev Mutondo, is scheduled to appear on Monday before the Gombe tribunal de grande instans in Kinshasa. The former director general of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) is being prosecuted by three of his victims: SCODE party president Jean-Claude Muyambo, Cyrille Doe Mupampa and Joseph Kapula Mulumba. The complainants are suing Kalev Mutondo for human rights violations.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

It is by direct summons that the plaintiffs brought the Supreme Court in Gombe. Jean-Claude Muyambo, Cyrille Doée and Joseph Kapepula are demanding the conviction of the former head of ANR under Joseph Kabila, whom they accuse of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and attempted murder. All three had been arrested and imprisoned on assignment, they say, from Kalev Mutondo.

Except that the latter has so far did not respond to the invitation to justice. A search warrant with a warrant was then issued by the Minister of Justice. An approach rejected by the defendants’ lawyers. At the end of March, they demanded that it be annulled in order, they wrote, to allow their client to appear as a free man at trial and to organize the defense of his rights. To them, Kalev Mutondo is a victim of propaganda hatched against him.

Relatives of the former supercup have reported kidnapping or disappearance of the latter from their home. And since then he has been invisible. We even wonder about his possible presence at the trial on Monday or if the lawyers go there alone.


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