justice requires immunity for

Justice is interested in the leadership of Senator Augustin Matata Ponyo, Joseph Kabila’s penultimate prime minister. The prosecutor at the Court of Cassation requests that his immunity be waived so that he can be heard in a case concerning the management of the funds in an agricultural industrial park.

as reported from Kinshasa,Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

An unpleasant and scandalous affair, according to the newspaper Le Phare in Kinshasa. This file concerns the management of the Bukanga-Lonzo agro-industrial park, located in Bandundu. A project that has felt the outbreak after swallowing up 285 million US dollars, of which 205 million would have been embezzled.

Following a report from the General Inspectorate, Augustin Matata Ponyo is appointed as the intellectual author of this debacle. To achieve this, the former Prime Minister would not have followed the public procurement procedures by law. He alone would have chosen the South African partner Africom, who was only three years old.

These the charges were dismissed by Augustin Matata Ponyo at a press conference a few months ago. According to him, the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister were not in any way involved in the management of the funds for this project.

And from abroad where he is, the former prime minister announced in a tweet that he had shortened his stay to meet justice. He is not alone. A senator and some national deputies would also be affected by this deal.

From Conakry, where I am in the service of Africa, I decided to shorten my stay and return to Kinshasa to face a politically instrumentalized justice. I am proud to have served my country with openness and believe in the power of truth.

– Matata Ponyo Mapon (@Mapon_Matata) 7 May 2021.

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