who murdered Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati, the

He was a personality from northern Mali. Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati, current president of the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), was also Secretary General of the Arab Movement of Azawad (MAA). After the murder on Tuesday in Bamako, people are wondering about the perpetrators of the crime.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

It was early, Tuesday, April 13, when gunmen presented themselves in front of Bamako’s home to Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati. Shots rang out and the CMA president collapsed. Transported to a clinic in the capital, he gave in.

In an official statement, the international mediation in the Malian crisis condemns an act committed by “enemies of peace” and asks the Malian authorities to do everything possible to ensure that the perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice.

One question is on everyone’s lips in Mali: who are the perpetrators of this murder?

Deciding points, fighting for influence, terrorist act …

A few years ago, under almost the same conditions in Bamako, a leader of another trend within the Arab Awazad movement escaped an assassination attempt. As in this case, is it a solution to points between leaders of rival groups? Some deepen this dissertation.

Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati not only had friends in the Timbuktu region, his homeland. His place as leader of the Azawad Arab Movement was sought after. An observer insists: in this region, the struggle for influence has reached its peak with the newly elected division. Another trail leads to jihadists from northern Mali. They have always regarded the groups that signed the peace agreement in Algiers as opponents.

Traces of a personal question can not be ruled out, but hardly anyone believes it. Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati was rather a man without history.

“We hope that peace will continue its path, that people will continue the path that Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati has shown us, has shown us. “

Mohamed Elamouloud Ramadan, spokesman for the CMA, following the assassination of Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati


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