the trial of the Thomas Sankara affair on 11 October

The Ouagadougou Military Court has ruled on October 11, 2021, on the trial of Thomas Sankara. The father of the Burkinabè revolution was assassinated on October 15, 1987, during a coup that brought Captain Blaise Compaoré to power. The ex-president and several other people are charged in this case. It took 34 years for this long-awaited day to arrive, according to one of the lawyers for the victims’ families.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

According to Me Guy Hervé Kam, one of the lawyers for the families of the victims, the programming of this trial is not only a victory but also for the families “the time for legal truth”. “It has been a long time to wait for the individual and collective responsibility that led to this tragedy on October 15, 1987 being clearly and precisely established before all,” the lawyer said.

An important page in the history of Burkina Faso For the lawyer, the forthcoming introduction of this trial is an important page for the history of democracy in Burkina Faso and for the families of the victims.

A total of 14 people will have to answer for the facts for which they are accused. Among them is ex-president Blaise Compaoré in exile in Côte d’Ivoire, against whom an arrest warrant has been issued. He is charged with assault on state security, complicity in murder and concealed corpses. His absence and that Hyacinthe Kafando, his security chief during the trial, could play on the expectations of the people, but not in the sense of the manifestation of the truth. “The file is solid enough,” said champion Guy Hervé Kam.

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