the students have returned to school

In Burkina Faso, after six months of class closures to slow the spread of Covid-19, students have returned to school since October 1. Although some schools have implemented washbasin and mask devices, this is not the case everywhere. A situation that worries some parents of students.

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou,

For a few days, the students have resumed the lessons and some previous performances need to be revised. The context remains the same: Covid-19 is still present, and in some schools it is mandatory to wear a mask. nose, testifies a mother of students. I have a son who goes to high school and we told them that from Monday without a muffler we will not be coming home! ”

The difficult respect for distance

Not all students received the muffler. Some parents had to buy it on a street corner.

The most worrying thing about Jacob Badolo, a parent of a student and Gustave Guiatin, a teacher, is the lack of respect for physical distance. “We are always with the same staff and the same equipment, which means that the distance meter can not be taken into account”, testifies the student’s father: if a student is positive, he will infect his neighbors. “Distancing is not completely respected, the students always sit three or four per desk,” the teacher adds

Madame Yaméogo sums up in a few words the wishes of the students’ parents: “We pray to God that this year will not be like last year and that the students can continue their studies without problems!” About five million students have returned to school in Burkina Faso.

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