relief of the relatives of journalist Olivier Dubois after

This is the first evidence of life since May 2021. The French journalist Olivier Dubois, who was abducted while reporting in Gao, northern Mali, on April 8, 2021, is shown in a video. Olivier Dubois, the only known French hostage in the world, is alone on screen, wearing a blue chèche and visible in good health. He addresses his relatives and the French government. A reason for relief, for his family.

One minute and nine seconds, it’s short but this video is of great benefit to anyone close to Olivier Dubois. The various members of his family have expressed their joy at these pictures of Olivier Dubois, apparently in good health and whose voice and words give off a certain strength and give them confidence. Although, of course, proof of life does not make it possible to anticipate the continuation of the measures taken to release him. There is also no reaction at this stage on the part of the Malian or French authorities.

In the video that was broadcast, we hear the French journalist, alone on the screen in front of a simple gray wall, himself reminding himself of the identity of his captors, the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, led by Iyad Ag Ghali and linked to al. -Qaida in Islamic Maghreb. Above all, Olivier Dubois addresses all his relatives, of whom he confirms that he heard the messages sent on RFI every 8 months: his sister, his father, his mother and Déborah, the mother of his children, to whom he explains that he is at the time she has fixed for him, every day, at 5.30 pm, to watch the last rays of the day together.

The latest information makes it possible to at least date this video since this meeting was given by Déborah in a message sent on 8 January. We therefore know that this video was recorded after this date, just over three months ago. Some sources even assure you that the recording will be from the beginning of February.

In this video, Olivier Dubois also trusts that a photo of his child reached him, which means he could receive messages in person. This shows that a direct contact is established. And it is obviously a huge source of hope for those close to him, who are waiting for his release. The journalist also asks “everyone who works” in this direction, and he specifically quotes the French government, to continue to do so.

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