new military operation in Casamance

This military operation, launched on Sunday, March 13, 2022, is a “security mission”, according to Dakar staff, in the northern part of this region, upset by the MFDC’s independence uprising, near the Gambia border. This follows the clashes that took place on January 24 between Senegalese soldiers from the ECOWAS force in Gambia and combatants from the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

“Main objective”, according to the General Staff: “to dismantle the bases from the MFDC faction of Salif Sadio located along the northern border. This operation also aims to “destroy all armed gangs carrying out criminal activities in the area and to neutralize any persons or entities that cooperate directly or indirectly with them”, further states the press release from Dirpa, the Directorate for Information and Relations of Public Armies. .

“Predictable” operation A “predictable” operation according to a good connoisseur of the Casamance file, following the attack on a Senegalese branch of the ECOWAS mission, the regional organization, in Gambia on 24 January. Assessment of this previous clash, military side: four soldiers killed and seven held hostage by the branch of the MFDC led by Salif Sadio, until they are released on February 14th.

Reinforcement of patrols On the other side of the border, in southern Gambia, Banjul authorities indicate that refugees and displaced persons began arriving in the Foni districts on Sunday evening. President Adama Barrow called for increased border patrols and stressed, according to the government statement, that Gambia “will not be used as a launching pad, nor will it allow anyone to enter the country with weapons and ammunition”.

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