Headlines: South Africa is sinking with anger

Wednesday morning “the South Africans woke up again from the shooting”, explains The inhabitant, to set the interior directly. A new muscular awakening “as extensive protests and looting continued in large parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, with the risk of spreading to other provinces”, states the citizen. On the first page of its website, the daily newspaper also keeps records: 1,234 people have been arrested at the moment, according to him, 72 deaths have already been registered.

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Calls for calm

To read especially in Sunday Times, the word of Montsignor Thabo Makgoba, Anglican Archbishop. To him, it is obvious: “Forces that are much deeper than the anger aroused by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma are at work in the chaos we are witnessing.” “When people go to bed hungry, unemployed, dominated and marginalized, the good in them can be exceeded, especially if we do not see an end to our suffering.” He is really worried about the division between “haves” and “poor” but “violence and looting are not the way to solve the problem”. “It’s not like in the apartheid era, protest is not the only weapon,” he says.

The voiceless languages

But exactly, responds an opinion published by The Mail and Guardian. “The turbulence that has occurred this week is a language that the ANC understands too well. He used to teach and speak this language as well, ”states the author. “It’s the language for them at the bottom of the food chain,” he writes, “the cogs of other people’s machines, consumers who have been in survival mode and in professional slavery for generations. It is the language of the frustrated and speechless poor. “Finally, note this Mail and Guardian post,” The Zuma affair was a trigger, but the people understood that the fight continues. She never stopped, ”we read. This struggle has “only become economic and individual, it is no longer collective”. The result concludes the text: “Now it is each for himself and God for all of us.”

In the Ivorian press, the Élysée controversy over military cooperation with the G5 Sahel

This analysis can be found in L’Intelligent d’Abidjan. “Today, the Sahel region becomes the favorite place for the opposition of French military cooperation.” This is what we can read and according to the article “President Emmanuel Macron sells the diplomatic image of his country very poorly to Malians, Chadians, Nigerians, Mauritanians and Burkinabè”. This is reassuring when we know that France is now counting on the countries of the Gulf of Guinea in the fight against terrorism.

But there is a lack of visibility seen from Abidjan. According to L’Intelligent, “we did not understand anything when the Élysée suspended military aid to Mali. But two weeks later, the French president presented another plan for the deployment of the military in Mali. ” For the author of the article, “Elysee therefore continues in contradiction without fear that the French army’s presence in the Malian sands will cost French taxpayers dear, publicly trample on the sovereign values ​​of Mali and undermine its independence”. So much for the analysis of Intelligent, while Emmanuel Macron finally wanted to initiate a French withdrawal to rely on international forces. It therefore seems that the Elysee should review its communication, at least some Ivorians do not understand anything.


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