former Malia intelligence chief Moussa Diawara

Twist in the shop of the Malian journalist Birama Touré, who has been missing for five years. General Moussa Diawara, former head of State Security (Mali’s intelligence services), was charged and arrested by a judge at the court in Bamako municipality 4 for “complicity in kidnapping, kidnapping, torture” this Thursday, July 29. .

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

On Wednesday evening, July 28, General Moussa Diawara will receive in his home a summons from the dean of the investigating judges of the tribunal de grande instance for municipality 4 in Bamako for the next day. He is quite calm according to a witness.

This Thursday he shows up and it goes pretty fast. He is informed that this is the case with the disappearance of the Malian journalist Birama Touré.

The former head of intelligence services in Mali is charged and arrested for “complicity in kidnapping, kidnapping, torture”. In the same case was an international arrest warrant against Karim Keïta, former Deputy and son of former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

Five years without news from the journalist

In five years, we have not heard from the journalist who worked at the Sphinx, a Malian investigation week. According to press reports, he was killed.

How can the former head of the Malian intelligence service be affected by this affair? Malian newspapers confirmed at the time that Birama Touré, after his abduction, had stayed for a while in the premises of the intelligence services in Mali.

The inquiries will probably be able to provide a definitive answer. Meanwhile, the court that accused General Moussa Diawara reminds that at this stage the presumption of innocence must be respected.


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