First visit by another OPEC official


OPEC’s Secretary General, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, visits Congo-Brazzaville. This is the first visit to this country, the fourth largest producer of black gold south of the Sahara.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

“The Congo has an important role to play in the energy industry. And OPEC plans to encourage it, says OPEC Secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo in a statement. Until Wednesday, OPEC Secretary-General will meet with several officials, including the Prime Minister Anatole Collinet Makosso. He must also visit at least one oil rig.

Officially, the country has a daily production of 336,000 barrels and reserves of about 3 billion barrels, making it the fourth largest oil producer south of the Sahara, far behind Nigeria, Angola and Equatorial Guinea.

Most of the production is provided by the French oil group Total which was renewed last year and for 20 years, the operating contract for the Djeno oil terminal, outside Pointe-Noire.

The latter concentrates all production of crude oil from the various fields before export. This website will be visited on Wednesday by OPEC Secretary-General, who has also announced that Congo-Brazzaville will assume the rotating presidency of the organization from next year. A first for the country that joined the organization in 2018.


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